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Garden Turfing in Derbyshire

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Are you looking for Affordable Turf Laying services in Derbyshire.

At Derbyshire Gardening Co , our members offer an array of turfing services in Derbyshire, including turf laying, lawn replacement and maintenance, to keep your garden pristine.

Affordable Turfing Services

For years our members have been transforming gardens by creating lush lawns where nothing but dirt used to be. We work with gardens of all shapes and sizes and on both residential and commercial projects. Our member gardeners are fully trained, ensuring you get a lush green lawn with a pristine finish every time.

If you need residential or commercial garden turfing in Derbyshire, please get in touch.

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Our member services include:

Lawn Replacement Services

As well as our turfing services, our members offer full lawn replacement services. If you’ve had building work done or your garden’s been subject to harsh weather, you may need your former lawn dug up and replaced with new, undamaged turf. With a grass replacement service, you can get your garden back to best.

Lawn Treatment and Aftercare

Once your lawn has been laid laid it’s crucial that you give it time to settle and maintain it. At Derbyshire Gardening Co , our members can treat your lawn while it settles and even after that. Our members often provide lawn treatment services in Derbyshire, as well as maintenance such as aeration. Lawn maintenance services are available year-round.

Our Lush Lawn

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Some of our members use the best turf from leading brands such as Rolawn Medallion and County Turf, so you can rest assured that the lawn you’re getting is the best.


To give you an accurate quote for turf laying in Derbyshire, we require measurements of the area you’d like us to turf.

Contact our members to book a complimentary turfing appointment for a quote.